Retail Artificial Intelligence

retailAI is the future of brick and mortar retail stores, set to revolutionize and disrupt the retail industry. retailAI combines computer vision, natural linguistics, and e-commerce, to create a totally automated front of store experience, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Future Proof Your Retail Store With A.I.

Save thousands on monthly staffing costs.
Save thousands by reducing wear and tear / damages on display stock.
Save thousands by reducing the possibility of theft.


Natural language processing powered by TIA allows visitors to communicate with the store by using text or their voice.

Computer Vision

Computer vision powered by TASS allows visitors to add products to their cart & checkout.

A.I. E-Commerce

Products, cart and checkout are handled by A.I. E-Commerce, customers can shop in store and online using the same system.

Touch Screen

Touch screen displays are located throughout the store, visitors can flick through the available products to find the products they want.


We are working hard on retailAI, for now feel free to check out our concept video.

About Us

TechBubble Technologies have over 13 years experience with working with a wide range of technologies, including hybrid web applications & content management systems, mobile & desktop applications, business administration systems, the Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. We use these skills to create innovative systems that allow businesses to automate their world.

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